Our approach

Specialty Coffee is about so much more than just good coffee. It’s about striving for the best experience you can give your customer, raising the bar for quality, sharing your passion, inspiring and supporting communities, taking care of people, inclusion, advancing the industry, and doing it all in a way that’s responsible to all those involved in the process and the environment. 


We love that. All of it. We believe in it, and our purpose is to help you accomplish your goals. We take the same wholistic and conscious approach to our business. We’re thrilled to be a part of the coffee community, and we want to help it thrive.

In simple terms, any machine is a complex tool or device that helps accomplish a task. To do this well, it needs to be the right machine for the task, it needs to perform it’s task well and consistently, and it should work in harmony with it’s operator. We believe that in order to meet those requirements, we need more than just tools, some spares, and an ability to fix stuff. If your machine to to accomplish all of those goals, in turn to help you accomplish all of your goals, we believe more is required of us. 


First, we believe that you can’t truly know a machine is accomplishing those goals without understanding the desired output. We certainly can’t help you work in harmony with your machine if we don’t understand what you want to get out of it. We are students of coffee, constantly expanding our understanding of it, and staying connected to the industry as our collective knowledge grows. Understanding your medium and listening to your goals is the best way we can help you get the most out of your equipment. We strive for expertise in both the equipment and the coffee. This is a humbling endeavor, but we believe a worthwhile one. 


Second, we offer and support the best manufacturers in the industry, who put great effort into designing and building the best tools for the job from the drawing board. We work closely with those manufacturers to increase our understanding, build real relationships, and contribute when we can as they continue to improve their products.


Thirdly, we understand that truly we serve people, not machines. The machines are the way in which we do that, but at the end of the day it’s the people who depend on the machines, and the people you serve, that we effect. We know that if we optimize your equipment and help you work in harmony with it, that improves your operation and your customer’s experience, which is a win for all of us. We  understand that our fate is connected, and we can only succeed if you do.